Family-friendly Stories about the Ordinary and the Extraordinary

Author Zephyr Thomas & Illustrator Michelle Thomas

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paper and feathers cover

Low-stakes everyday fantasy in a charming, whimsical world.

The country of Alcabast is not ravaged by war, all of its neighbors get along rather well. Magic is neither deep nor mysterious, in fact it’s quite useful for daily life. Fierce creatures do roam the forests, but a sharp blade and a well-aimed musket will keep them at bay. Steam-powered conveyances transport people and goods, as long as they’ve been maintained well enough. People live in harmony with the Seasons and with each other. Well, mostly…

octave of stars book cover
octave of stars

Some people say that fire and water don’t mix, but others say that opposites attract.

Ash and Cascadia may or may not be dating, but that won’t stop him from drawing on his own unique power to protect her, his friends, and possibly the entire city…

A savory mix of danger, drama, and a dash of fun makes up the seasoning for this clean, family-friendly contemporary fantasy.

Zephyr Thomas

Zephyr and Michelle Thomas are the husband and wife team behind ZMT Books. They were creating art shortly after they met in high school, and never stopped. He writes, she draws, and the rest always works out.

Michelle Thomas

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