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Zephyr Thomas is the co-founder and Writing director for ZMT Books. He’s the author of Euphony of Seasons and the Torchmouth Saga books. He’s the kind of guy who always has a pen, and probably some other stuff too. He never leaves the house without a hat, and most of the time it’s on his head. As an amateur farmer, he knows that it takes time for the best ideas to ripen properly. He can clap with one hand, catch nearly anything you can throw at him (really) and spot a typo from ten pages away.

Zephyr Thomas
Michelle Thomas

About Michelle

Michelle Thomas is the co-foundress and Art Director for ZMT Books. Super powers include: Allergen Friendly Cooking, Digital Art, Homeschooling, Driving In Louisville Kentucky, Homemaking, Cat Snuggling, Freestyle Baking, Consuming of Chocolate, Being Super Short, Not Knowing Where Her Phone Is, and Probably Forgetting Something. She’s loved drawing for as long as she could hold a pencil and taught herself to use digital image editing software. She enjoys being read to and occasionally picks up a book herself, when she’s not tripping over one of her cats, singing with her daughter or bantering with her son.

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octave of stars paperback

NEW: Paper-exclusive Bonus Material! Additional story material at the end of the book that you won’t find in the ebook version! You’ll also get the bonus material included with the ebook AND an ebook copy as well.

  • Book Length: 134K words, approximately 370 pages.
  • Reading time: Approximately 9 hours.
  • You are purchasing a physical book. It’s a 6×9 paperback, and very nice.
  • This is a print-on-demand product, meaning it doesn’t exist until you order it. This allows us to offer it to you for a fair price, but it also means the wait time will be about two to three weeks from when you place your order.
  • If you order a signed copy, if will ship out right away. Please add any dedication you want at checkout.
  • The book will ship USPS Media Mail, meaning you won’t get a tracking number, but you will be notified when it’s been dispatched from the printing facility.