Octave of Stars

Some people say that fire and water don’t mix, but others say that opposites attract.

Ash and Cascadia seem like best friends and neighbors, but may or may not be actually dating. Most young people at their stage in life only have to deal with college classes and finding a job, and not a unique gift that will ultimately tangle them up in a web of intrigue, mystery, and action. This new adventure will help them develop new friendships and strengthen old ones, bringing them closer to God and ultimately to each other. Can they protect their identity, defend their faith, survive danger, and make it to Mass on Sunday?

A savory mix of danger, drama, and a dash of romance makes up the seasoning for this clean, family-friendly contemporary fantasy.


Paper & Feathers

Low-stakes rural fantasy in the charming world of Laviere. Inspired by Wendell Berry rather than Tolkien.

The country of Alcabast is not ravaged by war, all of its neighbors get along rather well. Magic is neither deep nor mysterious, in fact it’s quite useful for daily life. Fierce creatures do roam the forests, but a sharp blade and a well-aimed musket will keep them at bay. Steam-powered conveyances transport people and goods, as long as they’ve been maintained well enough. People live in harmony with the Seasons and with each other. Well, mostly…

Ahlden Creiori has a comfortable life: a job he enjoys, a fair degree of prestige, and a wedding somewhere in his future. When he must travel to a bucolic little town for a mysterious assignment that no one will tell him anything about, he finds himself balancing on the edge of an entirely new outlook on life. A chance encounter on the journey home tips that balance over the edge entirely, but what must he lose to make up the difference?​

Short Stories

Nestled in a peaceful river valley was a

In a world where darkness rains, or is about to, heroings must raise to be able to defeat the darkens and bring piece to the pieceful land once. This story is not about those heros.

A Dreadful Evening

Christmas is a time for happiness, but it can also be a time for melancholy. Every year around the holidays, anger and ill will breed and multiply, as though they were some kind of organism unto themselves. But, one Yuletide light stands out against the darkness: Santa Claus, bringer of gifts and good will, and above all, joy.

The Bellowing of the Ox

“We cannot have full knowledge all at once. We must start by believing; then afterwards we may be led on to master the evidence for ourselves.” -St. Thomas Aquinas

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Book Length: 134K words, approximately 370 pages.

Reading time: Approximately 9 hours.

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