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Some people say that fire and water don’t mix, but others say that opposites attract.

Ash and Cascadia seem like best friends and neighbors, but may or may not be actually dating. Most young people at their stage in life only have to deal with college classes and finding a job, and not a unique gift that will ultimately tangle them up in a web of intrigue, mystery, and action. This new adventure will help them develop new friendships and strengthen old ones, bringing them closer to God and ultimately to each other. Can they protect their identity, defend their faith, survive danger, and make it to Mass on Sunday?

A savory blend of danger, drama, and fun season this clean, family-friendly contemporary fantasy.

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Cover art by Michelle Thomas

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But don't take my word for it:

“An Octave of Stars is an urban fantasy with imaginative worldbuilding and an awesome ensemble cast. This book’s refreshingly clean writing and captivating story makes it appropriate for young readers as well as adults. For those seeking a faith-based action adventure about ordinary people with extraordinary powers, I would highly recommend this book!” Mary Rose Kreger

“A lovely urban fantasy with a unique magic system and endearing characters. The story is child-friendly and shows a diverse cast of characters living with Jesus as the center of their lives amidst challenging and fantastical circumstances.” Jared Guertin

“Octave of Stars is a colorful, action-packed family-friendly fantasy showcasing close friends demonstrating what love, loyalty, and faith can achieve when faced with incredible hardships…. Solid Christian faith plays a charming character in this enthralling novel you’ll not want to put down!” —Deborah Lynn

“Safe for children, yet engaging enough for adults, a daring story of courage, friendship, teamwork & love. This book will surprise and delight readers at every twist & turn. A must-read for families, or individuals looking for Catholic stories with character, spirit & personality.” I. Thomas

“It’s awesome!” —G. Thomas

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Art by Max Woods

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