Welcome One and All!

Or: Hello World!

Welcome to the very first post for ZMT Books. There’s been a lot going on recently, not the least of which involves the release of our very first book ever, Octave of Stars!

octave of stars cover ash cascadia
Cover art by Michelle Thomas

I started work on this book in December of 2021, but the idea for it came to me much much earlier, way back in 2005 (!) when I was just starting to take my writing seriously. Not serious enough to actually write it, though, as it took many years of work and formation to get me to the point at which I needed to be for the story to actually take shape.
More appropriately, it took God that time to get me ready. Five jobs, nine moves (one across the country) and two children later, I was suddenly inspired to work on this book, and will always be grateful that I paid attention. This book would also not have happened without the intercession of St. Thomas Aquinas, as sharp-eyes readers will notice that the release day is also his feast day! Originally I had wanted to release back in August, on another 8-themed feast day, but this one is just as fine.
So yes, I’ll let Octave speak for itself on its own page. You can buy it right now, from that page or this one!

Both Payhip and the direct store use Bookfunnel for delivery, which is awesome, believe me. You can’t go wrong any way you choose. So yes, all is well!

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Book Length: 134K words, approximately 370 pages.

Reading time: Approximately 9 hours.

  • You are purchasing the book in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF formats, all DRM-free. This will allow you to read it on any Kindle, e-reader, phone, tablet, or even directly in your web browser with no download needed. It will also allow you to share it with your friends, but don’t do that, unless they’re really nice.
  • You’ll receive a download link shortly after purchase with all the instructions on how to do this. You have 14 days to download the book files if you choose that route.
  • For any issues with the ordering process, please use the Contact form.