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Independent author Zephyr Thomas and illustrator Michelle Thomas doing business as ZMT Books.

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If you sign up for the ZMT Books newsletter, we will collect your email address, your IP address, and your general geographic location. No other identifiable information is collected. While we do retain a record of when you open our emails, you will not be segmented into an active group for doing this and receive more mailings as a result.

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None. Your information will be used solely for the delivery of a ZMT Books product, or communication about other products, and no other purpose.

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You may request that your email be removed from the newsletter list by clicking the Unsubscribe link in any email you receive. If you wish to have all of your data removed from our records, please reply to the address from any newsletter mail and we will honor your request. For all other questions and concerns, please contact us anytime.


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Book Length: 134K words, approximately 370 pages.

Reading time: Approximately 9 hours.

  • You are purchasing the book in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF formats, all DRM-free. This will allow you to read it on any Kindle, e-reader, phone, tablet, or even directly in your web browser with no download needed. It will also allow you to share it with your friends, but don’t do that, unless they’re really nice.
  • You’ll receive a download link shortly after purchase with all the instructions on how to do this. You have 14 days to download the book files if you choose that route.
  • For any issues with the ordering process, please use the Contact form.